• INFO
    FOLLOWERSEach character type has four individual followers to be recruited.
    As you look down the followers for each character type, the followers increase in Stat Capability/Money & Drug making capabilities for you.
    The Recruitment process is dependent on Stats & No. Turns used...
    It is important to ensure that all of your followers have at least a weapon each to protect them.

    MOBMobs: A mob is a collective of players working together.
    Mobs have a Leader & can have a Co-Leader set to run the mob.
    The advantage of a mob is that via the main mob page, the leader/co-leader can purchase various items called Machine Packs.
    Machine Packs Available:
    Follower Machines: Available for each Follower type active in round. Every Hour each follower machine will gift a random number of that follower type to each mob member.
    Money Machines: Every Hour each money machine will gift a random amount of cash to each mob member.
    Stat Machines: for each Stat Machine each players Followers Stats will be increased by a given amount.
    Homie Machines: Every Hour for each Homie Machine a mob has the mob will gain a random number of Homies to defend members.
    Domination Machines: These machines are expensive but for each one purchased by the mob provide 25% boost to all player Stats.
    Machine Packs: These increase the total amount that can be held of various Machines available to the Mob.
    Machine Levels: Every day from the Mob being created, a Level Upgrade for ONE machine type is given.
    This increases the maximum amount that can be held, along with the Machine Packs.

    Upon Joining a Mob, you automatically agree to donate a given amount of any cash your account makes to the Mob.
    This will assist in buying Machine Packs and upgrades that will help you in the round, although it will reduce available funds to purchase pursonal upgrades.

    QUICK RECRUITAvailable to PR accounts only, Quick Recruit allows the player to set a given amount of turns to Recruit followers by clicking a button.

    QUICK TRAINAvailable to PR accounts only, Quick Train allows the player to set a given amount of turns to Train for ALL follower stats by clicking a button.

    RECRUITThis is your main way of increaseing your followers your account is holding.
    Your followers will incrase your chances of attacking successfully and fighting off an attack,
    The larger the amount of turns you recruite in one go the larger the instant return but you may find you will recieve larger amounts when using lower amounts of turns.

    RING SHOPThe Ring Shop give you the choice to purchase an account addon that can help to increase various parts of your account.
    Rings offer positive as well as negative effects upon:
    Character Type Strength and Defence
    Money Making

    Rings come in different levels and the more the ring costs the higher the effects.

    SPYSpy Attack: This attack allows you to look at a player account in more detail.
    Revealing in-depth information to help you decide if to attack or not.

    STATSThere are three different character types:
    Thugs: Strength/Defence
    Dealer: Intelligence/Chemistry
    Whore: Charisma/Flirtation

    Depending upon the round settings will depend on what character type stats can be trained.
    You can train all your character types or just concentrate upon one type.
    It is vital that you train your stats weak stats will result in big loss in followers.

    STEAL FOLLOWERSSteal Followers: This attack allows players to steal followers from another player.
    The amount that is able to be stolen is calculated depending on difference in Attackers strength and the Defenders defensive stat for the relevant follower type.

    STEAL WEAPONSAs important as it is to ensure you have enough weapons to protect your followers it is just as important to ensure you have enough followers to protect your weapons. Surplus weapons are left laying about and can be stolen by anyone if they realise you have an excess laying about. So hording weapons to try and increase your networth may backfire if you get found to be doing so.