• INFO
    New Feature
    Mar 2021 Attack: Advanced War
    The Advanced War Attack, allows for different follower types to fight each other. The main War attack puts the same follower type against each other. With Advanced War you can put your Thugs up against some ones Dealers or Pimp

    Mar 2021 Automated Email System
    Users can now disable in game emails in the My Account page. Once disabled you will not receive any ingame emails about rounds or any prizes your awards you have received

    Mar 2021 War Attack Fix
    Small bug in War Attack script fixed

    Mar 2021 Networth
    Player Networth recalculated to include weapons held, Although the Net value of weapons is half of the purchase price.

    New Feature
    Mar 2021 Police Force
    Police are now active in rounds. The Police Force is on the beat protecting the streets and trying to prevent crime. Try and out smart them by checking the Activity in the Police Station But take your chances and you may get held up by them for questioning