• INFO
    Jan 2022 Ring Shop
    Fixed Bug with being able to purchase ring already owned.

    New Feature
    Apr 2021 Coming soon All Out Brawl Attack
    New Attack coming soon, The All Out Brawl, will utilise all three follower types and stats in one attack and put all your combined follwers up against the Attacker/Defenders Combined followers & stats. This attack could make or break you in one go so be sure before you use it

    Apr 2021 Weapon protection
    Protection system in in Beta, Currently items have generic names but will be updated in time. Items work by reducing the number of bullet hits, to protect followers. Items will be allocated too followers in order of weakest to strongest same as weapons so make sure you have enough to protect all. And although you have protection items they are not guaranteed to protect if attacker or defender has more powerful weapons.

    New Feature
    Apr 2021 Weapon Protection
    Coming Soon, Weapon protection items... Help to protect your followers from bullets during war attacks by equipping them with protective items.

    New Feature
    Apr 2021 Weapon Steal Attack
    New Attack to steal another players weapons. Only weapons that cant be held in hand by the defenders follower can be stolen, but if they have no followers all are available.