• INFO
    Aug 2022 POLICE
    Police Force glitch fixed and police are now on the beat on the streets, and watching the Drug markets

    Aug 2022 Sign Up
    Signup bug has been fixed and reactivated

    Apr 2022 Core Scripting Updates
    More updates to core game coding. Hopefully removed a few bugs and glitches. Removal of Paypal system for now. Looking to bring it back in future. But for now all ingame credits are awarded through prizes.

    Mar 2022 To Top No Platinum Rewards
    The Top 10 Player in each round that do not have Platinum Rewards in the duration of the round will now be rewarded with in-game credits. These Credits can be used to purchase in game items in any round.

    March 2022 Core Scripting Update
    Core scripting being updated due to outdated php scripting.