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  • NOTICE: STREETWARZ is in 'BETA' Testing. Expect a few Bug, Glitches and maybe the odd Whoopsie! Any Bugs reported will be rewarded with in-game Credits.

    STREETWARZ is an Online Turn Based Strategy Game...
    Every Round in STREETWARZ is different.
    Multiple Round Setup Possibilities:
    Follower Type: Thug/Dealer/Pimps - All types or any variation of any of the three may be active during a round.
    Mobs: Pick Fellow Mob Members carefully, A Leech can cost your entire Mob a lot!
    Addons & Extras: There are multiple types of addons and extras available...(A lot Not Requiring Real Money!)

    Do you think you can run the Streets..?
    Many Try...Few Succeed!

    Plan your strategy and execute it as best you can.
    You are Only Allowed ONE account, Multiple Accounts are Forbidden and the use of them to help benefit your main account.
    The use of multiple accounts is called 'Farming', and is a BANNABLE Offence.
    If you attempt to farm your account(s) will Automatically be banned.(This will NOT be undone, Even if you donate money to the game!).
    Using other people's accounts even if not meant for farming can result in banning, you have been warned!.
    StreetWarz is 100% FREE to play, and we do offer the chance to buy extras and to upgrade your account to receive extras.

    StreetWarz is a way of life but do you have what it takes?!